A Day’s Worth

       Today i start to post my first blog ever. This compensates my love for writing which i don’t have much time to do so using a pen and a paper. Today also marks the 2,068 days of me and my husband being together. Is that an achievement? whatever.Early this morning, we had a little misunderstanding. Well not exactly this morning, it started last night. whatever the reason was, i don’t wanna talk about it anymore coz it would be washing your dirty linens in public.

        Today also i’ve done so many cleaning ups in the office. The previous bookkeeper was assigned to another branch and i’m supposed to be her replacement. it’s been a week now. I’m struggling with some sort of Office files that are way way way old. i’ve dumped them in one cabinet because they all flood the spaces in my “new” table. It felt good afterwards because i realized organizing the stuffs in my workplace makes me more comfortable with the new job. yah i used the word “comfortable” because i was uneasy with this new assignment mainly because nobody prepared me for this, or the npreparation was so short it didn’t sink in. I guess the others went affected coz they also did some rearranging with their things too..

        Tomorrow I have so many things to do, so many lessons to learn. (may facebook pa in between – shall i declare Friday as “non-fb” day? ano sa tingin nyo? Tutal last day of the week naman na eh. but no, i guess i’ll have to deal with my things to do while Fb-ing every now and then…

Hmmmm….. not bad for beginner..

til next time…

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