My “not so” mine moment…

ok so here’s a thing, I’m doing supermodel stuff in my room doing those pose only

celebreties have the right to do and although Im not a celebrity, I figured “what the heck, this would be between me and my camera” so this was the first shot

ohhhh…. not bad wait another one


this one i really like, it felt like im

just a “15-year-older” here.

Third pose…


here, i look like a defunct bold actress (♥♥,).

I seem to love the three first pictures – insert the fourth pose…


suddenly in the middle of it all, these kids came barging in

they got crazy and so we all went camera whoring in my room… I wanted to add

more photos but tumblr won’t allow it anymore, guess tumblr got tired of our

faces… too bad. these are just one of the moments I love being a mother, when i

thought i was having fun alone, my kids just bombs in and make it all the more fun

and delightful! 

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿


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