It’s a Miracle!

Last night we (me and the kids) went to this place in downtown Koronadal to have dinner. It was my eldest daughter who spotted the tricycle we were suppose to ride. 5 mins. later we arrived at the place. 15 seconds after I realized something was missing. Indeed it was my paper bag containing my Laptop charger. My reaction was instantaneous – I panicked, it felt like having nightmare coming to life. I feel like bebengka (rice cake), in the oven and I mean this literally. Of course at times like this I keep repeating to myself “God please let me find it” over and over. We waited an hour hoping Manong Driver would realize something was left in his vehicle and head the way where he left us. Unfortunately though, he never came… I was totally sad. How will my laptop survive without a charger ( I cant buy one right away-no budget)? And how can I work without my laptop? The questions keep adding up.  =(

This morning, I woke up still feeling the way I did when I went to sleep last night. Only this time I have a plan, which Im not confident will work for my situation but better have anything in mind than nothing at all. So the brilliant plan was to go to radio stations para manawagan, then later I will stalk Manong in those places where tricycles usually stand by to pick up passengers hoping he would be there. Not so much of a smart idea, right?

When I went to work around 1pm, there he was (surprise, surprise!), Manong was in the dining, holding my paper bag waiting for me to finally come, and my eyes were like the ones you see in a cartoon character when they get excited- they popped in and out! I can’t believe it!

It’s complete!iMy sincerest thank you to Manong and to God. I really thought it was hopeless but then miracles do happen. Well it’s not much of a miracle, but for a moment there, I thought I was never gonna get back what I have lost. Maybe God was trying to teach me a lesson – to take good care of my things earnestly. Yeah I admit I usually take for granted those little things, it’s not that I don’t appreciate what I have, but sometimes, things do slip out of my mind (which happens every now and then in my case ).

To sum it all, I realized that God really is watching over me, He was there in my shallowest problems, and I felt him there in my darkest moments too. Now I’m happy!


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