The Green House Effect

I saw this house while I was about to go to work one day. I’m always fascinated by nature and having seen this spectacle, I know I just have to stop, take a moment and admire the view. What I love about it is the greenery that surrounds the house. I’ve always wanted my home to have such luscious view of nature. Unfortunately though, our house is far from being one owing to the fact that I am pretty much out of home the whole day because of work. And in those times when I’m at home, all I did was catch up on my endless list of tv series and be a mother of two kids, suffice it to say that I really don’t have time. There, I said it or I’m just making excuses? I don’t really know, I never once tried to grow a single plant on my own. So I didn’t know if I’m one of those people they say who have green thumbs or not. Nevertheless, I love nature, I love green. I Love the purple flower hanging all over the gate.

Pineapple anyone?
A thing of beauty…

Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll have a home with a Green House Effect – or maybe not. (fingers crossing…)



You may wonder what the title meant. Well, SSG stands for Sinfully and Guiltily Good. Those are the words I was thinking after I’ve had a taste of Porky Best Chicharon, since I’ve declared myself a “trying hard” conscious fella about what I eat as much as possible (I’m constantly trying – and failing – to loose weight this past few days).

I was at Gaisano Grand Mall Digos when I saw this cart, cooking chicharon on the spot. It wasn’t the first time I saw this cart, in fact I always pass by it every time I go to the mall’s Food Court Area. I always thought that chicharon in malls are readily packed and sold (that’s why I wondered why bother putting a cart that sells chicharon when you can just pick it up at the grocery area?) But this time, what caught my attention was, the actual cooking of Chicharon.  Apparently this Porky Best Chicharon cart cooks the product while the customers wait. Now that’s definitely not what I expected.

This is the finished product, they have this display, so the customers have to option to choose newly cooked or the readily packed ones.

The product is adequately priced. I bought the smallest pack for only P29.00 and may I just say, it tastes so good I can’t get enough of one, but nope I didn’t have another.

As tempting as it is, my alter-ego got the better of me coz I decided that once is enough already. When it comes to food I think the golden rule is to “keep everything in moderation”. That said, maybe I’ll have to give in to this indulgence once in a while (like once a month? And no more than one small pack), just to satisfy my rather  insatiable taste for salty foods.


My Favorite Summer Memory

I know it’s late (the pictures anyway) and some of my followers have already seen these pictures on my facebook account but I’d like to blog my favorite summer memory so far.

I have so many things to be thankful for this year (everyday of every year really). This summer belongs to the top list of my grateful moments 2012. Hey, this statement just gave me an idea, why not make a list of it? – I mean “my Grateful Moments 2012”. Ok that was totally off topic.

Anyway, It was a scorching hot Holy week day (“holy week day”? – is there such a thing), I could feel the sweat dripping my body all over so we decided to hit the pool at the humble but definitely reliable resort located in Norala, South CotabatoThe Nocil Resort. 

The pool was an instant fave that day. 

The kids totally loved it.

 And by the looks of it, I loved it too, definitely. Clap to myself for capturing this exhibition.

Summer is that time of year when you don’t have something to celebrate but felt like you just have to take a splash like you’re actually celebrating something. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that class is over although that wouldn’t apply to me. Or maybe, the sun is so much brighter inviting us to go out and enjoy the day. Overall, I had fun. I am so looking forward to the next summer 2013. We’ll see if it tops my 2012.


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Missing Note

So I was out on a bookshop looking for some new books to read, since my bookshelf is running out of new books (honestly, there were still books I haven’t read, but I don’t find them interesting na).  While browsing though,I found this notebook with so much words in its cover and an illustration of a bike. The words took my attention and I found myself curious as to what could those words be. So I read the note and it says;

I was appalled by the message. I think it’s funny, and then I wondered if it’s a true story. Who knows if this flyer really exist somewhere, and the maker of the notebook just find it amusing so he made it a cover? Ok now I guess I’m not thinking, that would entail copyright right? or would it? Whatever!

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Feeling Dull

Did you ever feel like something is wrong with you? I mean not particularly you but to your mood, or your day, or just the way you feel. I feel that way today. My day started typically – meaning: waking up, eating breakfast, getting ready for work then work. And then all of a sudden this feeling strikes me. I can’t concentrate working, I mean I don’t feel like working, I know I have to but my mind is not in it right now. There are days when I’d work my way through the night, but this day is so not one of those. And I feel terrible, I have this deadline and I’m overrun by it already.

To make matters worse, my body is seemingly ill. My head is aching, and I think I have a stiff neck, plus I don’t like to eat. Here’s the totality of my lunch today – if you can call it that way. A biogesic, Cassava Cake and Kopiko Brown Coffee. Biogesic is for my headache, Kopiko Brown Coffee is the solution I chose for my sleepiness and cassava, well it’s just something to put on my stomach so I don’t starve.

I hope this day would end differently though… This is not one of my best days. How do you get by at times like this?

Sleepless Night

Last night I’ve been very bad. Yah I guess bad in the sense of not sleeping the entire night (meaning I’ve been awake now for practically more than 24 hours, and counting!). And you know why? Because I’ve been watching this series , wouldn’t wanna name it coz I know you’ll only say, you traded your sleep for that? Ok now I guess I’m that shallow. But I have my reasons for watching.

Funny coz aside from the fact that I lacked sleep today, I have to be up (I mean literally, up and moving) coz I have to go out of town to work – and there goes my favorite line for now – “I’m a working mom” you know. As much as I wanna stay in bed, I can’t, and besides I did this to myself so I have to deal with it right? So anyway since I have no way but to be up, despite feeling a little groggy today, I thought I’d look for some remedy for this feeling or whatever you wanna call it. I’ve done a little research and I think these steps are the easiest anyone can do:

1.) Drink lots of water – (and I mean LOTS!) As you know your body uses up all the water it can to sustain the night you’ve been awake, so it is no surprise that you feel ill the morning after coz you’re dehydrated. This morning when I woke up, I’ve had at least 500ml of water before doing anything first.

Ambersweet oranges, a new cold-resistant orang...

Ambersweet oranges, a new cold-resistant orange variety. USDA photo. Image Number K3644-12. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2.) Eat citrus fruits – Not only will it give your body the vitamin C it needs, – as you know it  strengthens your immune system, which is the most affected system in our body when we are sleep deprived – you’ll also feel a lot refreshed after having a serve or two.

3.) Tea bag for the dark circles – It’s no news that you look like you can audition for “The Walking Dead” and pass it with flying colors when you lack sleep. What with the dark circles going around your eyes. The tannin in tea bags reduces swelling and discoloration. The morning after, (when you realized what you’ve done and now regretting it), lie down and place one tea bag in each of your eyes, leave on for 10-15 minutes.
                                                                          Photo Credits

4.) Lastly – Cliche as it may sound, prevention is always better than cure so unless it’s not “between life and death” kind of important, don’t trade your sleeo for anything. We have 24 hours in a day. To work our butts off half of that number is fine, we owe it to ourselves to take a rest so we can replenish the energy we have lost.  I know a lot of people who are way too workaholic that their motto in life becomes “5 hours of sleep is enough, 8 hours – a waste”. This makes me sad really, I remember when we were young my mother always sends me to sleep (hoping to get the entire 8-hour routine target complete). And now I think I know why.

I guess I have to close by saying “take this advice from someone who was able to think of having this whole experience blogged”, just so I can warn you. I really felt nauseous this morning, but having done this tips made me feel a whole lot better…

It’s a Miracle!

Last night we (me and the kids) went to this place in downtown Koronadal to have dinner. It was my eldest daughter who spotted the tricycle we were suppose to ride. 5 mins. later we arrived at the place. 15 seconds after I realized something was missing. Indeed it was my paper bag containing my Laptop charger. My reaction was instantaneous – I panicked, it felt like having nightmare coming to life. I feel like bebengka (rice cake), in the oven and I mean this literally. Of course at times like this I keep repeating to myself “God please let me find it” over and over. We waited an hour hoping Manong Driver would realize something was left in his vehicle and head the way where he left us. Unfortunately though, he never came… I was totally sad. How will my laptop survive without a charger ( I cant buy one right away-no budget)? And how can I work without my laptop? The questions keep adding up.  =(

This morning, I woke up still feeling the way I did when I went to sleep last night. Only this time I have a plan, which Im not confident will work for my situation but better have anything in mind than nothing at all. So the brilliant plan was to go to radio stations para manawagan, then later I will stalk Manong in those places where tricycles usually stand by to pick up passengers hoping he would be there. Not so much of a smart idea, right?

When I went to work around 1pm, there he was (surprise, surprise!), Manong was in the dining, holding my paper bag waiting for me to finally come, and my eyes were like the ones you see in a cartoon character when they get excited- they popped in and out! I can’t believe it!

It’s complete!iMy sincerest thank you to Manong and to God. I really thought it was hopeless but then miracles do happen. Well it’s not much of a miracle, but for a moment there, I thought I was never gonna get back what I have lost. Maybe God was trying to teach me a lesson – to take good care of my things earnestly. Yeah I admit I usually take for granted those little things, it’s not that I don’t appreciate what I have, but sometimes, things do slip out of my mind (which happens every now and then in my case ).

To sum it all, I realized that God really is watching over me, He was there in my shallowest problems, and I felt him there in my darkest moments too. Now I’m happy!

Curiosity and the Cat

We found this baby giving birth to 4 cute kittens 2 weeks ago at an abandoned carton in our garage.The kids were so delighted and afraid at the same time (they’ve never seen a cat giving birth before)… Told them we’d get one kitten when they grow a little bigger and my eldest said “why not now, when it’s still little and it can’t fight us when we get it?”. I explained that we can only get one if the kitten’s old enough to live without thier mommy. The next day, we found the carton empty, they were devastated and practically heartbroken. We haven’t seen  the kindle since then.

When we woke up this morning, a surprise was waiting outside the house. There in the corner on the way to the kitchen lay this cuties, and my girls were overwhelmed with the picture. Amazed at how the kittens grew so fast, they wouldn’t leave the poor thing alone.

Me on the other hand can’t help but wonder how wonderful this circle of life is. A baby was born, you teach them everything you know, they become adult and then another baby comes into view… Life’s wonderful isn’t it?