Feeling Dull

Did you ever feel like something is wrong with you? I mean not particularly you but to your mood, or your day, or just the way you feel. I feel that way today. My day started typically – meaning: waking up, eating breakfast, getting ready for work then work. And then all of a sudden this feeling strikes me. I can’t concentrate working, I mean I don’t feel like working, I know I have to but my mind is not in it right now. There are days when I’d work my way through the night, but this day is so not one of those. And I feel terrible, I have this deadline and I’m overrun by it already.

To make matters worse, my body is seemingly ill. My head is aching, and I think I have a stiff neck, plus I don’t like to eat. Here’s the totality of my lunch today – if you can call it that way. A biogesic, Cassava Cake and Kopiko Brown Coffee. Biogesic is for my headache, Kopiko Brown Coffee is the solution I chose for my sleepiness and cassava, well it’s just something to put on my stomach so I don’t starve.

I hope this day would end differently though… This is not one of my best days. How do you get by at times like this?