You may wonder what the title meant. Well, SSG stands for Sinfully and Guiltily Good. Those are the words I was thinking after I’ve had a taste of Porky Best Chicharon, since I’ve declared myself a “trying hard” conscious fella about what I eat as much as possible (I’m constantly trying – and failing – to loose weight this past few days).

I was at Gaisano Grand Mall Digos when I saw this cart, cooking chicharon on the spot. It wasn’t the first time I saw this cart, in fact I always pass by it every time I go to the mall’s Food Court Area. I always thought that chicharon in malls are readily packed and sold (that’s why I wondered why bother putting a cart that sells chicharon when you can just pick it up at the grocery area?) But this time, what caught my attention was, the actual cooking of Chicharon.  Apparently this Porky Best Chicharon cart cooks the product while the customers wait. Now that’s definitely not what I expected.

This is the finished product, they have this display, so the customers have to option to choose newly cooked or the readily packed ones.

The product is adequately priced. I bought the smallest pack for only P29.00 and may I just say, it tastes so good I can’t get enough of one, but nope I didn’t have another.

As tempting as it is, my alter-ego got the better of me coz I decided that once is enough already. When it comes to food I think the golden rule is to “keep everything in moderation”. That said, maybe I’ll have to give in to this indulgence once in a while (like once a month? And no more than one small pack), just to satisfy my rather  insatiable taste for salty foods.