The Green House Effect

I saw this house while I was about to go to work one day. I’m always fascinated by nature and having seen this spectacle, I know I just have to stop, take a moment and admire the view. What I love about it is the greenery that surrounds the house. I’ve always wanted my home to have such luscious view of nature. Unfortunately though, our house is far from being one owing to the fact that I am pretty much out of home the whole day because of work. And in those times when I’m at home, all I did was catch up on my endless list of tv series and be a mother of two kids, suffice it to say that I really don’t have time. There, I said it or I’m just making excuses? I don’t really know, I never once tried to grow a single plant on my own. So I didn’t know if I’m one of those people they say who have green thumbs or not. Nevertheless, I love nature, I love green. I Love the purple flower hanging all over the gate.

Pineapple anyone?
A thing of beauty…

Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll have a home with a Green House Effect – or maybe not. (fingers crossing…)